Sunday, January 22, 2006

Shop at Whole Foods This Tuesday (Jan 24)

George and I discussed "Free Farmed" certification back in 2002. It is awarded by the American Humane Society to food producers who treat their animals humanely. Currently, there are nine certified farms and dairies in North America, which doesn't seem like nearly enough.

Last week, George sent me the following:

But it seems Whole Foods Market is taking up the slack and then some. I had read that they had instituted humane-treatment standards for their suppliers, and today I saw a poster there for the Animal Compassion Foundation, which was started by Whole Foods Market and is funded by a day each year when 5% of customer purchases are donated to the Foundation.

Tuesday 1/24 is the day this year, so if you have anything that you might want to stock up on from Whole Foods that might be a good day to do it.

I agree! Be sure to stop by your local Whole Foods Market this Tuesday.

Find out more about Whole Food Foundations, including the Whole Planet Foundation.

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