Saturday, October 9, 2004 is Yummy

If you have not yet checked out the on-line link database known as, I think it is time.

This very useful, and quite simple, on-line tool has become a permanent part of my everyday web usage. Here's what it is/does:

Storing Links

  • Lets you store links (URLs) you like in a database
  • Lets you associate as many category tags as you want with each link

  • Lets you add additional descriptive text about the link

Retrieving Links

  • You can view all your links
  • You can view your links by tag
  • You can view your links by tag combinations
  • You can see everyone else's links by person or by tag, or both
It is a simple to use system, but the documentation is minimal.

Fortunately, Brad Choate has posted a simple tutorial, which taught me how to combine tags. If you are going to register and use, it is a must read.

When I come across a web site that I want to visit again, I just click on the "Post to" bookmarklet in my bookmarks bar of my browser (you'll learn more about these bookmarklets when you register). The entry page is then displayed for the URL, where I can enter tags (many of my posts get the tag "readlater") and an additional description. Once I hit the return key, the link is stored in my database, and I'm returned to the web page I was previously viewing.

The "PAUL FREQUENTLY VISITS" area in the right margin of Lunch with George is the result of an RSS feed of my links (yep, publishes RSS feeds, too).

I think you should try it. It's yummy.

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