Saturday, November 19, 2005

Catch the WildCam while you can!

National Geographic's well-done website is currently featuring an amazing experience: A 24-hour webcam which monitors a water hole in Africa: The WildCam.

Pete's Pond is a large watering hole in Botswana, which is frequented by all kinds of wildlife. I've spent hours and hours working at my computer while the streaming, real-time video from the pond plays on my desktop.

Geographic only plans to keep the live stream active on their site until December 8th, so please take a look while you can. They use an ordinary color camera during the day, and use an infrared camera at night.

The site tells you what time it is in Botswana, and they have some wonderful archive footage available.

I've snapped a few photos from the live feed when it was particularly interesting, and included a few here.

Visit the Wild Cam.

Elephants at night
more Elephants

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