Sunday, September 11, 2005

Rescue Workers Distance Themselves From FEMA

photo by Joel Johnson
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I was listening to NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday morning, and heard a story that I just had to share.

Martin Kaste filed a story from New Orleans, describing attempts by rescue workers to convince remaining residents to leave.

He is speaking to Paul Goodman, a firefighter from Georgetown, Kentucky, when he notes that forcing residents to leave isn't the only thing rescue workers are reluctant about:

Kaste: "They're also reluctant to advertise the fact that they work for the much-maligned Federal Emergency Management Agency. Goodman and his unit of firefighters are here working for the agency, but they've hidden their FEMA ID tags under their shirts."

Goodman: "They still wanted us to wear it, um, we were advised by the U.S. Marshals not to wear it."

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